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Blest Art visits St. Peter’s Church

11/27/21 - 11/28/21

Dating back to the 4th century A.D., native Christians of Palestine have used Olive Wood and mother-of-pearl materials to carve art commemorating Jesus Christ.  More than ever, Christians of the Holy Land are facing an eminent threat of extinction.  Less than one hundred people in the Holy Land now call themselves Christians.

Blest Art’s mission is to encourage growth in this diminishing population by ensuring these beautiful handcrafted pieces can reach you.  They work closely with Catholic churches in the U.S. to preserve the presence of Christianity in the Holy land and bring awareness to their mission.  Many base their livelihoods on creating these crafts.  

Blest Art will return to St. Peter’s Church on November 27-28 after all weekend Masses.  Blest Art offers Christian art such as crucifixes, rosaries, figurines, nativity sets, ornaments and jewelry – all made in the Holy Land and all works of beauty!  If you haven’t seen their work before, make sure you don’t miss them this visit 

Won’t you support the mission of Blest Art on November 27-28!


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