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“If, then, we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him.”
(Romans 6: 8)

Because of our belief not only in the immortality of the soul, but also in the resurrection of the body, the Church professes hope in the face of death, and acts with charity in the funeral rites.  Through private prayer and public funeral rites, we strengthen our faith and hope, comfort those who mourn, and bury the bodily remains of the deceased with care befitting what was the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  (USCCB)

Funeral mass

To ease the burden and responsibilities of those who have lost a loved one, it is common practice for families to work directly with the funeral home on all matters related to the funeral, including the funeral mass.  The funeral home will contact St. Peter’s to schedule the funeral mass based on the direction of the family.  However, parishioners are welcomed to call the parish office if that is their preference.  

In either case, the family will meet with Msgr. Jarmoluk to discuss the specifics of the funeral mass including the selection of readings and music. Family members are invited to participate in the mass by either serving as lector, bringing up the Offertory gifts or delivering a eulogy.

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