2021 Women of Inspiration Award - Nomination

McHenry Deanery Council of Catholic Women
St. Peter's Parish 2021 Nominee for the Women of Inspiration

Each year we are asked to nominate an exceptional woman to represent        St. Peter's Church, Spring Grove at the McHenry Deanery. As baptized Catholics we are called to consecrate the world to God through our works, prayers, activities, and daily responsibilities. There are many women in our parish that fulfill that calling and we are asking you to nominate her as our Woman of Inspiration for 2021. Previous recipients have been Madeline Behm, Betty Rygiel, Bev Schmitt, Denise Wahls, Elaine Brandstetter, Maria Pinkowski, MaryAnn Huntington, Carol Janousek, Julie Keats, Debbie Mathien, Danielle Prato and Nettie Toms. 

We are asking the Entire St. Peter's Parish to nominate your choice, for the Woman of Inspiration Award for 2021.

Some women are more visible in their volunteer efforts but there are a number of women who may not take charge of any committee or function but are always available to pitch in wherever help is needed. These ladies are the unsung heroes of every committee and Parish. They are the women who get the job done.

Please think carefully about who you would nominate for this honor, complete the form below, and hit the submit button.

Submit your Nomination by June 13th!

The Awards Banquet with Bishop Malloy will tentatively be held on Sunday, September 19, 2021, 4pm at The Church of Holy Apostles, 5211 W. Bull Valley Rd, McHenry, IL, in Fr. Sherry Hall.

Due to social distancing rules and the particular parameters for gathering in September, we may have to limit the number of people who can attend. In the event that the banquet has limited seating, the event will be live broadcasted for those who are unable to attend.

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Qualifications to Consider: A Faith-filled woman, a variety of interests, outstanding volunteer service to the parish, school, and/or community.
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