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Daily Mass Reservation Request

Diocese requirements require that we limit attendance at Mass to 10 people.

For this reason, please note the following:

  • Only registered parishioners will be able to request a reservation at this time.
  • Only people living in the same household can be accommodated in a single reservation. Extended family members, who live in another physical location, need to submit a separate reservation request.

To request a reservation for Weekday Masses, complete the form below.

Parishioners should check the parish website Every
Friday to see if they have been randomly selected to attend a Mass.

For privacy purposes, we will identify parishioners by their envelope number. If you don't know your envelope number, we will communicate it to you when you're selected.

The selection process will work as follows:

  • We will randomly select parishioners - as done in a raffle or lottery.
  • We will assign parishioners to Masses, based on their stated preferences.
  • If your name is drawn, but none of your Mass preferences are available, your name will be added back into the lottery and made available for Masses in future months.
  • If you are successfully assigned to a Mass, your name will be removed until all other requests have been accommodated.
Daily Mass Reservation Request
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